Devoted to music-related initiatives

Regardless of whether the projects have been conceived from within the music industry or from any other sector that interacts with music contents and brands (either technlogy, education, tourism, foreign relations, or any other creative industry), Fireyellow is capable to provide them with the best solutions by offering a tailored mix of services that range from consulting to project management, or even joining ventures.

We believe in music, both as an end and as a means.


Fireyellow provides tailored educational programmes that cover a wide range of topics regarding the music business and any of its extensions. The format, content and duration of these programmes are designed according to the needs of our clients, who can then either internally assume their execution, or rather put us in charge of the whole process of production and supply.

All the programmes we design are academically approved by the Postgraduate Degree in Global Music Business Management at the Institute of Continuing Education / University Pompeu Fabra

IDEC-UPF Barcelona

Training - FIREYELLOW - Devoted to music related projects and organizations

Consulting - FIREYELLOW - Devoted to music related projects and organizations


Fireyellow provides solutions and assistance to all kind of projects as long as they have to do with music. We are particularly delighted to get involved with our clients in the process of building a sustainable business model and to help them reach international markets for their value proposition. We commit our passion and know how, and put to work our music industry network for the benefit of the project.

We are proud to inherit the experience developed by Tenzing Media, the former creative industries’ consulting that provided services to international brands and organizations such as BMAT, In-Edit, ICEX, Consejo de Música Nacional de Chile, Fundación Autor, among others.

Joint ventures and partnerships

Occasionally, Fireyellow assumes the risk of getting involved in projects as a partner rather than as a consultant. This means we provide full management services involving artistic as well as strategic business decisions in exchange of a share of the project.

Fireyellow may as well join forces with its clients and actively promote some projects. Consequently, the relationship will be redefined by the terms of the agreement (mainly agent or partner).

Joint venture with Sony Maria del Mar

Urban Lights

 FIREYELLOW - Devoted to music related projects and organizations

 FIREYELLOW - Devoted to music related projects and organizations

Label and digital distribution

Fireyellow has been operating as music producer since 2003. Since then, it has launched several recording projects in order to provide them with international exposure. Regardless the genre, all of Fireyellow’s releases involve artistic proposals born around the city of Barcelona.

Its label Shuffle Songs is focused on song based projects beyond the development of the artist’s career.

Fireyellow works with The Orchard.

About us

We have been operating since 2003 and since then we have had the privilege to get involved in all kind of music projects (artistic, educational, technological, cross-media, mainstream, niche, independent, major, etc.).

Our know how and expertise are founded on the several aspects of the music industry and a well stablished professional background.

Our tight relationships with both the business and the acedemic worlds concede us an overall vision of the many possiblities that derive from music-related initiatives .

Our commitment to our clients is as honest as the passion we feel for music.

FIREYELLOW - Devoted to music related projects and organizations